Wednesday, June 25, 2008

JazzBlaster and new orange V

A couple of 'Blasters getting ready for their hardware. I think the teal one is gone already, or maybe it's the orange one. If I can get out to the shop I'll snap some final pics. They are selling faster than I can take pictures of them! Granted, I'm slow on the shutter.

A nice solid mahogany V. Sort of reminds me of a Camaro or some muscle car.

Don is moving the shop out to an undisclosed area of Mansfield this month so we can eventually have Bell Custom Go-Karts and Bell Custom Skeet Shooting. So call before you come.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Vandal...

Forgot to post these images of the completed combo amp, "The Vandal".

Should have painted the speaker mesh frame black. You can't really see it w/o a flash, though.

I'm very pleased with the Hellatone speaker.

Classy meets Assy.

Overall, I couldn't be happier with the project. I knew it was gonna look rough, but that's OK. It sounds great with the Strat and the Les Paul, not so sharp with the big Gretsch. Volume-wise, it's loud and can hold it's own with Brett B's Matchless. I've been twisting some great tones out of it, for sure.

I'm heading out to the shop to work tonight and not just to take pictures and leave. I'll be working again! More soon.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Don's interesting repair...

Last week Don had the pleasure of doing a few tweaks to Jimi Hendrix's white 1963 Strat.
The guitar got the neck adjusted and tightened, the nut worked on and got re-strung to be played right handed. PLAYED? I guess it's going to be played at a show or an auction or something. I don't get why it's not sealed away and in a vault.

Don's also doing some work on a Clapton Firebird with a badly broken headstock. I will reserve all crude comments as to how the damage may have occured.