Thursday, May 13, 2010

Premier Guitar

We are on the front page of the Premier Guitar web site. At least for a little bit. Check out the Premier Guitar site if you haven't. It's chock full o' stuff.

To the shop!

I went to see Don at ye olde guitar shoppe last night. We discussed players, lovers, religion, television and working out. He gave me some lessons on soloing technique and gave me homework, too.

We are almost sold out completely of the stock we just built. I think there is one guitar left out of the latest batch of 6. So, it's on to building the necks for the bodies we do have. 6 JazzBlasters and 3 ToneBlasters. I'd say we are likely 6 weeks away from having them available.

The Tonar model and a JazzBlaster style bass are on deck.

No photos for you as my old school Nokia phone cam isn't playing nice with the mac today. One day I'll have one of those smart phone/max ipads and then you'll all be in big trouble.