Monday, May 31, 2010

Haters Love Us (or) Opinions Are Like A-Holes...

Here are some fun posts by some folks who are opposed to our style of guitar.

From a Fender Bulletin:

Ah HA! That is what it reminds me of! The light up neon guitar clock in this room that I bought for $19 at the local drug store! thanks. Not very fond of the tonal quality of plexi-glass.

A plexi guitar that looks like it should be hooked up to a video game. Then somebody has the nerve to tack on a three grand price tag. They are on some serious drugs at Bell Guitars. No thanks I got better things to do with three large.

I'm sure there are some more slam posts out there and as they surface, I'll likely post them. It'll be fun to look back at them while I'm waiting for the Lamborghini to get painted on my private island.

We get all kinds of comments, but the people who have actually played one all seem to have good things to say.

It's great that these guitars are so polarizing.