Thursday, April 30, 2009

'69 ebo pt.2

OK, got her naked now I just need to strip her down and sand her. That reminds me of a joke from buddy Paul Lechner. I like my women like I like my coffee... Ground up and in the freezer. Not sure where Paul is now.

According to the pocket colors, it looks like she used to be Cherry Red! Don't think I'll do that, though. Too common. Right now I'm thinking red and black, but I'll discuss with D and see. Headstocks been really jacked up, so maybe I'll put a super retro Gibson logo on there. Gonna replace the bridge and nut and whatever else is not too serviceable, otherwise I will try and keep the original junk.

Gonna go out to the shop tonight to start the process and check out what Don's been up to.

'69 ebo

OK, Watt's got me wanting to fix up the shorty bass. Probably needs a new bridge and paint. I'll leave everything else stock. Now, what color?