Thursday, May 21, 2009

More eb 0 and Neck Snap!

Re-fretted the eb 0 last night. It was my first time doing it with the neck on the guitar, so pressing the frets was a little weird. It's interesting all of the intricacies that go into working on an instrument. So many times sounds play into the mix more than just visualization. Filing away the frets' edges until you slightly champfer the fretboard is an example. When the sound changes, you know you've reached the fretboard, but you've got to be able to hear through the grinding of the file. It's hard to explain, and I didn't really grasp it fully. Don does this stuff like it's second nature, but I'm still relying on my eyes. I made a few errors on my frets while filing away the edges where the fret meets the board making a corner. I was pressing to hard and rotating the file to follow the crown of the fret instead of keeping the file at 90 degrees and only making two light passes. I eventually got that, though, and Don says it was a really good re-fretting over all.

Andy Godwin's custom SG style 7 string had a very Gibson accident. The guitar fell off of the stand and broke the headstock off. From the looks of it, it broke pretty clean so it should play exactly the same, Don tells me. Also, it's looking pretty worn, which I think suits it, but Don doesn't understand. Don't look for road-worn or relic manufactured guitars from Bell anytime soon.

This weekend Don and I are going to be working on the Tele models and the Prince clone guitar. Life's been throwing curve balls at Don keeping him away from the shop. Repairs are piling up but things seem to have settled back into normalcy, so hopefully D will be back on track soon.