Sunday, March 9, 2008

Jazz and Bell-a-Blaster...

After a very positive response to Don's guitars, namely the JazzBlaster, Don is busy at work creating the first ever production run of Bell Custom Guitars. 10 to be precise. 7 of which are already spoken for. Over the past two weeks Don and his help have cut the wood and acrylic, carved the bodies' cavities, bonded the body materials, plane sanded them and are in the process of fretting the fingerboards. The efforts of fretting have been made much easier thanks to the addition of the wonderful press.


We have also begun the design and development phase of the Bell-a-Blaster, a new twist on an old favorite. I am building the all wood version for long-time friend and band mate, Brett Bledsoe, and Don will be building the wood/acrylic prototype at the same time. These will likely feature Amalfitanos in the form of tele single coils in the bridge and a hot rod soap at the neck.

An early mock-up: