Monday, October 25, 2010

Arlington Guitar Show 2010

We were at the 2010 Texas Guitar Show in Arlington. We have pictures to prove it.

At the booth, Don showed two new JazzBlaster versions. This "Soapy" one,

And this "Frosty" one. I'm digging the frost and when I finally get my Bell you can bet it'll be cold chillin'.

This had to be the most beautiful guitar at the show. A deluxe JazzBlaster with rectangle inlays and binding on the neck. This thing just shines.

We're crossing our fingers that someone videoed the showdown performance between a vintage Fender Nocaster and Jerry Amalfitanos' blue and gold JazzBlaster. I hear the Bell was the tone champion as Don saw and heard it live. I have yet to see it, but if it's posted YouTube-ish I'll link it up here.