Thursday, February 4, 2010

Show Countdown report #1

After leveling the faces of a dozen JazzBlasters with the hand sander. Looks kind of like Borderlands.

I'm posting this pic in for now, but Don may have me take it down. I don't think any secrets are being revealed, but I could be wrong. You can see by the color of Don's hands that we have working Avatar pods and will be completing the remainder of this project in Avatar form.

A stack of Tele bodies. I think these are going to be known as SST from now on. They are waiting for contouring, pup and pocket routes and more! There's yours on top, Brett!

Stack of the second generation Jazzblaster. We have made improvements to our processes which could result in smiles. These have yet to be face-sanded.

No progress on the Tonar.

I'm going out of town this weekend to do stuff. I'll hopefully be back in the shop next week. Pray for Don as he is working too hard.