Monday, April 19, 2010

Interesting DIGF Shots...

The two new Beatles members. This gentleman was giving a shredding demo. He wasn't about to, he wasn't done. He was still shredding in this photo. I don't think he's thinking about guitar, though. I think he sees those football/model chics in the next booth.

I actually would have bought this guitar if I had $100. Frankensteined together with Gibson-Baldwin parts n' such by Jimmy from Jimmy's Guitar Repair.

Some guitars have birthday cake vomit.

This guitar is sure to sell as it has the elements of a winner. Texas loves football and music.

This guitar is actually manufactured to be sold. Needs more stuff on it before I buy. Maybe a Trans Am.

This guitar has it all. A knob, a sturdy pick guard, some bat wings, and some fret flames. The search is over.

I'll just be quiet here and listen to the crowd.

These last two are fun-shaped.