Sunday, March 2, 2008

A brief history...

I met Don when a fellow musician/co-worker/friend showed up to work after lunch one day with a flying V guitar case.

As soon as the case was opened I could tell it was something special. Originally built for a charity auction to benefit a local woman with terminal breast cancer, the guitar and it's mojo bounced around ownership a while before it landed at Guitar Center, Arlington.

I called Don to get work done on my recently acquired Gibson eb0, went to his home/shop, and he did the work for me then and there. I took an immediate interest in his craft and he was gracious enough to let me hang around to help. Soon thereafter I began to help him with website and graphic needs so I could wedge myself in there!

Don has since retired from his job as an engineer and is building guitars full-time. Things are getting interesting now as we are making a push to carve out a niche in the world of music. That's as much history as I am going to provide, as the future looks much more interesting.


  1. I was making a search for blogs and I discovered yours. I'm a musician from Portugal and surely I'll be visiting regularly this blog for other posts!

    Best compliments

  2. that guitar has been touched by Zeus